Can I find you on social media?
Yes, you can find me on the following:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/soulofahome
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soulofahome


Who crafts your items?
All items are handcrafted in small batches personally by me.

When do you add new items?
New items are added on a rolling basis.

Candles & Wax Melts

What kind of wax do you use in your candles and melts?
I use natural soy wax sourced from American farmers in the Midwest.

Why soy wax & not paraffin?
I chose soy wax because I wanted a safer, cleaner, eco-friendly, natural candle that everyone would feel safe burning. Many candles are made from paraffin wax which is known to burn off irritants in the air that can cause health issues & concerns in many in the general population. (I personally have friends and family members that have respiratory reactions to paraffin containing products.) That wax is easier to work with, but not for what I envisioned with my particular product line. I also wanted to provide an option that those that are plant-based & environmentally conscious could feel comfortable using (so no beeswax either).

Are your candles and melts cruelty-free?
Yes, all of my candles are vegan as well as cruelty-free.

Do your candles or melts contain phthalates?
All candles and melts are phthalate-free.

Wait – What are phthalates?
Phthalates (pronounced THAL-ates) are a family of chemicals that are used to do things such as make plastics more flexible & more difficult to break or crack. It is also a solvent that is used in lots of things such as hair products, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, and more. In past studies, particular phthalates have been shown to cause cancer in lab rats and can irritate eyes, skin, and cause other reactions such as nausea and vomiting. We definitely don’t want this floating around in the air! So with that, I decided to make my candles free of phthalates and safer for use.
Note: For more on phthalates, you can view:
1. What Are Phthalates? (WebMD)
2. Phthalates: The Everywhere Chemical (NIEHS)

Shipping & Delivery

Do you ship internationally?
Not at this time.

Do you deliver locally if I’m in Pflugerville or Austin?
I am always happy to make arrangements for in-person delivery for orders in Pflugerville and Northeast Austin, but for orders outside of those areas, different arrangements can be made. Just send me a message on Etsy to discuss!

What shipping courier do you use?
All items are shipped via USPS.

When do you ship orders?
Orders are shipped on Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Saturdays.

What if I give you the wrong address?
Unfortunately, I cannot be responsible for miskeyed addresses so make sure you double-check before placing your orders!


What if I have a return?
Due to the nature of the items and our current pandemic, I don’t allow returns and exchanges at the time. My hope is that you will love your products! However, if there is an issue with your order, please contact me as soon as possible so that we can figure out the best solution.

Do you accept custom orders?
Not currently, but I do plan to in the future!

What if I don’t like the scent?
I do try to be descriptive as possible, but unfortunately, I can’t accept returns for this reason. However, as we all like different things, maybe a friend or family member may love it!

Do you sell outside of Etsy?
No; all of my items are sold strictly through the Etsy marketplace. If that ever changes, my customers would definitely be the first to know!

Are you ever at any pop-ups or farmers markets?
Not yet, but I do plan to be in the late Spring. I will share more details once everything is finalized.