DIY: Folding Chair Upcycle

One thing I love to do is take items that I purchase and customize them to match our home. In my crafting room, I had a little office chair that definitely did not match the decor, so I decided to upcycle it.

It required no sewing. Here is what you’ll need:

  • Your chair(s)
  • 1 yard of fabric (you won’t need the whole yard, but it is always better to have more instead of not enough!)
  • Staple gun
  • Spray paint (in the color of your choice)
  • Screwdriver or drill
  • Newspaper or paper bags

That’s it! I didn’t have any newspaper, so I used some medical exam paper that I keep on hand for sewing pattern creating and tracing.

Here is what the chair looked like before:

I used the drill to unscrew the backs of the cushions (the underside of the chair and the back of the top part).

The material was attached with staples so I gently and carefully removed the fabric from the cushions. I saved the actual cushioning so that I could reuse it later. Here is the newly naked chair:

I laid my fabric down so that I could get a good feel of how much I would need.

You will want to lay your top and bottom pieces from the chair on top and trace around them, leaving about a 2-inch margin so that you will be able to fold the fabric over and staple to the bottom. Once you trace your pieces, cut the fabric pieces with scissors. Pay attention to pattern placement if you purchased printed fabric in the case that you want certain parts of the fabric to be more visible. I really wanted the large yellow flowers to show so I made sure to watch my placement as I traced the pieces.

Once this is done, take your fabric and lay it with the printed side down. Take your chair pieces and lay them down onto their corresponding cuts of fabric. Pull the edges of the fabric tautly and staple them to the back of the chair pieces. Once this is done, lay your pieces on the chair and see if you like how they look.

If you do, then you can proceed to the next part – painting! I don’t have pics of this part, but here is what you will want to do.

In a well-ventilated area, lay your newspaper on the ground to protect it from being painted as well. Once this is done, place your chair on top and spray paint each part of the frame – front and back, underneath, top, and sides. You may have to do two coats to make sure it is all even! If you need to take breaks, do that! I wore a mask and took several breaks so that the fumes wouldn’t get to be too much for me.

Once done, make sure to let the paint dry completely before reattaching the cushions.

Here is my finished, upcycled chair:

And now, it matches my craft space perfectly!

I hope you enjoyed this super quick & easy tutorial! I’d love to see your upcycles! Feel free to tag #soulofahomediy to share on Instagram.